Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pakistan - the war is coming home

The latest terrorist attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi kills at least 27 people of which 17 were children, mostly of Pakistani Military Servicemen. If ever any proof was needed that playing with snakes (terrorists) can eventually bite your own progeny, this is it.

These and other recent terror attacks on Pakistani Army should amply wake up General Kayani, PM Gilani, Nawaz Sharif and his brother who is Punjab CM so that finally they are ready to discard 'terrorism as the strategic weapon'. Pakistani Army and political establishment has reached a fulcrum now - either it rips all bad elements of her armed forces or finally concede 'space and initiative' to militants paving the way for destruction of Pakistan and establishment of fundamentalist states (yes multiple, Pakistan will no longer remain united in that eventuality).

With experts like Farid Zakaria pointing to real possibilities of Pakistan loosing control of nuclear weapons to terrorists; challenges in Pakistan are becoming grave by every passing day. If President Obama's new addition of troops to Afghan theater helps there, it will be a much needed help at a critical time. It is also heartening to read that President Obama and CIA want to increase the Predator attacks and now want to cover hitherto untouched Balochistan too. Pakistani establishment needs to realize that for the short term political comfort (because Pakistani population naturally dislikes Predator attacks completely); they cannot afford to be any less aggressive here. All means and weapons need to be used to finally cleanse these terrorists. Otherwise there will not be a nation called Pakistan.

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