Friday, January 22, 2010

Hillary on pot of Gold?

Chinese government has effectively rebuked Hillary when she (knowing the hurdles) asked for 'free internet'. It is obvious, or let us say very easy to understand, why Chinese government would not give in to Hillary demands. It is unlikely that she and State Department would not know it.

So then is this the real 'topic' on which Obama Administration has been waiting for the proverbial fight with China? What better issue than 'internet freedom'? You have the word 'freedom' there so our Tea Party folks will join it. We have 'internet' there so Liberal, Progressive constituency of Google, Silicon Valley and California is all after you. And then it about 'China' - every fight with China is what our Labor would love.

Granted, this is a ultra-cheap punditry and things are always complicated and more serious than what I am arguing here. But it is just a thought - why not Hillary do this 'fight' with gusto? Tremendous political wind is behind her back in this fight.

By her involvement in Haiti and graceful handling, she is continuing her remarkable work as Sec. of State. And now she is following this Google China Internet Freedom fight. Excellent. Madame is really firing on all cylinders and I love what I am watching here. Hope she continues this fabulous job.

Note - No, I was never Hillary fan and never backed her in Dem Primary. In fact my badge of honor is to participate in lone, loosing campaign of Barack Obama in California Primary way back in 2008 Jan.

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