Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tired of Israel

There are not many things which Obama White House is getting right recently. But one of them which White House is getting right is this murmured policy of withdrawing from Palestine-Israel conflict. If this article in Haaretz is to be believed, indeed it is good that Obama White House is showing the withdrawal symptom from this conflict. Rahm Emanuel is the point man here and what he is pulling off here is admirable, essentially in the best interests of America.

You see there is no point wasting time and political capital with Israel if PM Netanyahu is not interested in restricting settlements nor when he is not in a position to pull off necessary political shift due to intransigent Liberman, hard line Israeli FM and his faction. Americans and Obama Administration are not soft on Palestine and especially after what happened over Christmas would not tolerate any violent tactics of Palestinians. But it seems that for all the advance negotiations of Obama Administration with Israel, current Israeli government thinks that it can pull off a miracle on their own. Well, then good luck.

Not that this Administration line is without any risks of it's own or they did not make errors early on. Israel can decide to launch unilateral attack on Iran, further undermining America's leverage with Arabs. Israel can make strategic moves in going into the comfort zones of Russia or China or both. That is all fine and those all are valid concerns. But for American Government, which is hobbled by the recalcitrant economy and multitude of challenges all across the board; the supply of political capital is quite limited.Simply there is only finite time available for this conflict in White House.

If it is means folding the American tent in Galilee, collect the marbles and go home; well so be the case. American public will hardly fault Obama Administration for such a reversal. We have to understand, the only game in the town of Washington DC is 'jobs and jobs'. Everything else is dispensable.

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