Monday, February 15, 2010

American Paralysis

We have Peggy Noonan officially declaring Barack Obama as 'one termer' whereas David Brooks lays down possibly impossible path for Barack Obama to survive current political challenges. While Presidency is essentially not able to solve anything domestically, Ezra Klien renders one more consequence of America's 'broken Senate' - broken Federal Administration machinery. Practically American Political System is paralyzed and not at all capable of doing anything to solve people's core problems.

President is slowly lurching towards to make a final play of Health Care on Fed 25 by conducting an open for Media debate with Republicans. No one knows what will be the outcome. As things stand, there is no political wind which can back Administration. It is difficult to see how one single event can change 'public perception' about HCR. In all probability, Obama Administration has to muddle through this and see if anything can be attained in more mundane manner, politically back door manner.

After HCR, the fate of 'jobs bill' is in air too. It seems unlikely that Senate can get anything useful here, they will just complete their drama. Besides, slowly people are realizing that both Administration and Congress cannot (or do not want structurally) do anything about addressing 'unemployment'. Essentially, Americans are on their own and their political system cannot do much about it.

The only meaningful piece which can come out of the American Political System will be some Banking Reform proposals. If not anything, Democrats will push that as a possible defense in coming Nov election.

This leaves only 'budget' for Congress to attend and use as any vehicle to make any change for good. Beyond that anything is unlikely to happen. This is typical 'political paralysis' and America today has succumbed to that. Contrary's to people's hope, Barack Obama is not able to change this at all.

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