Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scintillating Sports News

On Wednesday US Team won 6 medals in Vancouver Winter Olympic game, of which 3 were gold. That was one amazing haul by any single Team in one day. Looks like US Team is on roll.

On Thursday Indian Cricket Team defeated South African Team by an inning on Eden Garden, Kolkata. That is one heck of a come back by Indian Cricket Team to preserve their sterling reputation at home. S. African Amla was phenomenal in this 2 Test Series - 253 not out, 114 & 123 not out. He played 3 innings, scored century in all 3 and was out only once. He was man of the match for both Test Matches. This is Bradmanesque performance, total domination by Amla's bat. Master Blaster Sachin got 2 centuries whereas Sehwag as well got 2. Steyn of S. Africa got 10 wickets in the 1st Test Match whereas Bhajji was the match winner for India in the 2nd Test Match by taking 8 wickets. All in all great Cricket, Test Cricket at it's best.

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