Friday, July 29, 2011

Motives of Centrism

I thought being Economists, Paul Krugman would see clear business motives for American Media in giving so called ‘balanced news coverage’. After all, if half of Americans are effectively voting Republicans and are sympathetic to craziness of Tea Party, why would Fox not make business out of that? Or why would not Associated Press posit itself as balanced new media? There is money to be made, hell with finding who is guilty. Just label both in the same brush and keep ringing the register.

Now with likes of Tom Friedman, who had his big call about some Internet based third party movement, it is the unwillingness to think through and to take blame from Republicans. After all Tom Friedman, David Brooks would like to have ‘their communication channels’ intact with so called saner elements of GOP least if 2012 throws GOP surprise and then these wise minds will speak to ‘GOP powers be’ on behalf of fallen Democrats.

Otherwise however, Krugman is waging a lone battle of immense importance. That is not new to him. It is always like that - in the seminal fights those enablers, active & willful stake holders who ignore conveniently those we are committing crimes; those are the people who make the maximum damage next to the party which is actually doing the crime. Krugman is calling them loud, clear and consistently.

Will American Media and intelligentsia correct the course here? Chances do not look bright today, but that is all the more reason to keep trying hard.

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