Saturday, July 23, 2011

One More Place Less to Hide

White House demand of $1.2 Trillion revenue increase over a decade is hard for Speaker Boehner and GOP House to accept. Probably, it is more because it is emanating from White House. The questions are:

- would ‘not letting White House any political benefit’ be sufficient for House GOP to accept a deal with Congressional Democrats; and

- how far Congressional Democrats would hold the fort now that White House has lost the battle.

I believe, among Democrats it is the White House which is the weakest ‘progressive link’. Meaning, it will be an astounding victory to Speaker Boehner and House GOP, if they are able to ‘fold’ Congressional Democrats at lesser price than White House. I doubt that; indeed Obama brand is so tarnished from Progressive perspective that even Sen. Reid looks like the Progressive Rock of Gibraltar!

Of course, Speaker Boehner and Tea Party will be much more nastier than that. They would simply put forward some sham deal to Congressional Democrats to declare that they are done and it is all fault of Democrats not to accept that deal.

It is all easy to hit White House for not fighting enough for a Democratic cause. Time has come for Congressional Democrats to stand the ‘bulldozer’ of Tea Party. Ideally, Congressional Democrats and White House should have formed an impeccable unified front long back. No deal with White House should have meant no deal with Democrats. Period. What kind of ‘Democratic Leader’ President Obama is then? But President wanted to play ‘triangulation’ and progressives lost; they are now fragmented into weaker factions.

Leader Pelosi, pull out the picture of that ‘lone man standing in front of Tanks in Tienanmen Square’ and just copy him. Same for Sen. Reid too. If these Congressional Democrats can pull off next 48 hours, that will be ‘one more place less for Speaker Boehner and Tea Party to hide’ and then the moment of Truth would have arrived for Tea Party and there in lies America’s day light.

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