Monday, July 25, 2011

Out of Bullets

That is what Megan mentions and she is right.

For my taste, President Obama gave the speech bit earlier. I would have liked him to give the speech just before he ‘veto’s any proposal which forces 2 step process. As Chait, speculates, he sounded weak and is kind of setting himself for the eventual failure.

Other possibility, though not that likely, will be after passing Wednesday’s bill in House; Speaker Boehner offers to resign because Tea Party Caucus is not ready to bring in Reid proposal which may actually pass House with the full backing of Democrats and many in GOP; as GOP has achieved what they wanted so long. That will be a dramatic gesture and we need a game changer at this point. President resigning is not as per American Political Script unless of course you are Nixon. Whereas by offering to resign, Boehner would dramatically improve his profile and it will be hard for GOP lieutenants to take the blatantly power hungry course of accepting Boehner resignation from Speaker position.

But then, well; I am only speculating here. More than 50% chances are:
- Congress remains locked with each house passing non-reconcilable bill or
- President Obama simply folding the tent.

We will see. By this time next week, the drama will be in the closing state if not yet resolved. Hopefully, by then our politicians would have had enough fun of we common Americans.

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