Monday, August 22, 2011

4 - 0 Whitewash

I do not recall any such humiliating 4 - 0 defeat by the Indian Test Cricket Team. What a shameless and irresponsible cricket by Indians. Here is the travesty by Indian Cricket Team, these multi-million dollar players are simply made up of clay for 5 days contest. The devastation in numbers:

- All 4 Tests won by England in this series at following margins:
1st Test - 196 runs
2nd Test - 319 runs
3rd Test - Inning and 242 runs
4th Test - Inning and 8 runs

- There has been only one 2 hours session where Indians did not loose a wicket - morning to lunch session on the last day of the fourth test match.

- Indians could manage only 49 English wickets in 4 Test matches to 80 wickets of their own.

- English batsmen had 3 double centuries (Cook almost to triple, Bell and Pieterson); 2 150+ run centuries (Bell and Pieterson) and 2 centuries (Prior and Morgan) in this series. Only Rahul Dravid from India managed 3 centuries show casing his class over all Tendulkar's of the world.

- There has been only one inning where Indians managed to reach 300 runs. All other innings were below that mark.

Total and abject surrender by Indian Test Cricket Team.

As Avjit Ghosh says in TOI, future as well does not look good for Indian Test Cricket. In the end it is all about interests of Indians who are totally enamored by One Day and T20. Test Cricket simply does not command that much respect in India and it shows in these results.

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