Friday, August 19, 2011

Blues of Right

I thought hammering Left incessantly and sabotaging any 'grand bargain' by seeding insidious Op-Eds to encourage GOP intransigence in rejecting any compromise have been the only occupation for high priests of Right - WSJ Editors and Opinion Writers. But looks like lately realization of how far Right GOP has gone so that 2012 does not look any more of lock, is dawning on this Ivory Tower. Very entertaining. My advise to WSJ - don't give up your original game; our guy - the one who leads from behind - is brittle too and he may drop the ball at any time.

But you know what, the larger point is not whether Team Right may loose or Obama wins. It is whether WSJ is open to consider what is good for America and is ready to show trash place to non-sense peddled by Laffer.

Come on guys, the world should not be so bankrupt that Ebenezer Scrooge of the world only changes his mind in Dickens novel and we accept meekly Laffer nonsense of 'taxing poor is better and that is the way the world works'.

Why Daniel, why? Do we not want to change this world? Or do you enjoy your 'blues with a glass of martini' so much that something different than 'tax orthodoxy' never comes to your mind?

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Agnostic Monk said...

love your blog and your opinion pieces.
It will come down to how many states can president Obama win in the general. The democrat always has it tougher as the republican is guaranteed the south. So if it's a Perry-Rubio ticket or Romney-Rubio ticket, Obama could easily lose Florida.