Saturday, August 13, 2011

Imperial English Cricket Team

I guess Indian Team was missing the act of playing a British Colony minnow trying to scrap through an English Cricket Season. In days before India's Independence, rag-tag team of impoverished, physically unfit subcontinent Indian players would hardly get the billing of playing in the peak of English Summer. That was the honor reserved for Down Under Team. But having accorded the top billing to MS Dhoni's World Cup Winner Team, Indians came a cropper in this English season. Totally disproportionate show to what these guys claim as their cricketing pedigree. So much for Greg Chapell's claim of Indian dominance of Cricket in all forms. As Gavasker has already commented, indeed Dhoni's Team has been a team of school boys which cannot even make as many runs as made by a single English player - Cook - in an inning. This Indian team has been hardly able to make 300 runs in any of the six innings of this series so far. Scalpels will be out and many in India would hold team's feet to fire.

Meanwhile English Cricket Team continues to scale new heights and is indeed looking like a true all time world class cricketing team.

The only question left for Indian Team in the last match will be whether they can avoid 4-0 white wash or not.

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