Sunday, August 28, 2011

NeoCon Praise

"By far the most important decision any world leader made in this affair was when President Obama decided that the world could not stand by and see the people of Benghazi massacred. That turned the tide."

Rare is an occasion when a true and smart neo-con would praise President Obama. The Liberal instincts exactly made President Obama to act here. President Clinton's regrets about Rawanda are still resonating with Americans Progressives and these smart ladies (Hillary and Susan Rice) were not about to repeat that.

I also like Kagan's warning at the end:

"Those experiences teach that failure to manage the transition can rapidly turn success into disaster. Presumably the president and his advisers know this. Yet the temptation to pocket the president’s “win” and run away from Libya as fast as possible will be great. Obama needs to resist it."

That is about as smart an advice as what President can utilize from this sage on Right. But then we are never far away from the calculations of 'balance sheet'. In the case, the question is will this help President Obama and USA defuse the 'tinder box' about to explode on UN floor - recognition of Palestinian State? With ongoing Syrian turmoil and Israel itself in the middle of their own internal political vagaries, it is a critical time for this mother of all contentious issue - Arab-Israel conflict. President Obama must be thinking the Libyan goodwill will come handy to him. At least that motivation should keep USA fully engaged in Libya.

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