Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pawlenty, GOP Race and Broken Politics

One of the simplest criteria to judge a politician is when does that politician calls it ‘quit’. In all walks of life, this sense of knowing when the time is up, is very important but most miss that. It is good to see that Pawlenty showed this sense and has bowed out of the presidential race at right time. It is a right call. He gave an honest shot and he has senses to fold the bid when time has come. He has not endorsed anyone nor it is clear that he would rule out the vice-presidential bid (like Joe Biden).

Next ‘zombies’ which need to end their own misery are - Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Thaddeus McCotter. Entertainment value of Gingrich has gone to zero too, hence there is no real value addition for Americans here. The remaining folks like front-runner Bachmann, Perry and Romney would define the serious GOP playing field. Ron Paul is ‘sui generis’, eventually he will not make it too. Meanwhile we Americans will have to put up with ‘political prostitution’ of Sarah Palin - just keep milking her popularity for her financial gains, just keep dabbling in GOP presidential nomination context so as to keep her speculation warm and ‘juice’ that public interest to make more money.

Problem with remaining GOP field is all these folks are vying to be ultra-rightist. Each one is trying to out-right another one. I do not need to go over depressing details of how all these GOP candidates are simply double downing on the discredited economic policy of tax cuts all the time and small government at any cost. And that is one more aspect of America’s ‘broken politics’. There is simply no choice spectrum across the politics. Either you have a bunch of 8 folks scrambling desperately for a nod from Tea Party or you have a singular progressive candidate - the incumbent who has failed to conduct ‘proper politics’ and make & win authentic Progressive vision with Americans. So much for our Democracy. I guess that is where AmericaSelect and Democracy21 type of nascent civil movements would play the role. In the end, clearly it is common Americans who have do what is needed instead of looking up at our politicians all the time who are kind of time wrapped.

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