Monday, August 22, 2011

What about Syria?

Now that Obama strategy of paying only 'leading from behind' - i.e. no boots on ground and let NATO take the lead in air support - has been sufficient to topple Gaddafi; question is: is there any realistic possibility of throwing out Assad regime in Syria?

Answer to the question is not encouraging. Neither any ground intervention in Syria by West makes sense nor even air support for Assad Opposition is possible. For one thing, Assad Opposition is still in the form of 'civilian resistence' rather than any armed uprising. How would Assad Regime crack - that is an unanswered question at this point. Apart from providing behind the screen moral and material support, there is much less what West can do here. It is only that fall of Gaddafi in Libya would embolden Assad Opposition, but which may result in further brutality by Assad. Assad has been pretty bad a** already, but there are no bounds to human cruelty and Bashar Assad would not hesitate to escalate it as far as he deems fit. After all his father had already paved this path of brutality.

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