Friday, September 30, 2011

Continued Bachmann Non-sense

Rep. Michele Bachmann is resourceful, every now and then she delivers one highly original non-sense. This week's pick is 'blaming Obama for Arab Spring'.

1. First things first, is Arab Spring good or bad? Normal human being on this planet would regard it as a good thing since Arab Spring is ending dictatorial regimes. Bachamann does not think so. Someone needs to ask her then does it mean she wants common Arabs not to have political freedom? How does that square with freedom, liberty and equality values of Conservatism? Or is she suggesting only Western folks and Israel should have all these rights and Arabs don't? Is it racism?

2. Next, it seems she does not recognize difference between democratic Arab Population and religion based Islamic Revolution of Iran. She implies both are same, again how rudimentary and ignorant.

3. Finally, the fool lady with her blind sycophancy of Israel does not even realize that any political leader of a stature would not negate human emancipation for ruthless domination of Israel over Arabs. She is all okay for rest of the world to continue to live in non-democratic systems just so as Israel can continue its imperial policies. The whole historical context is missing for her. Well, may be it is too much to expect from her 'small brain'.

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