Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day of Reckoning is coming for Israel

Misguided and Jew pandering GOP dominated Congress (actually Dems are no different when it comes to Jew pandering) would pressure Obama Administration to cut aid to Palestine in response to its pursuit of UN resolution. But that would make things even more problematic as it will push Palestinians over the board and radical elements would get encouragement.

The real incentive for radical political factions of Palestine - Hamas of the world - to avoid violence will be 'avenues opened to legally prosecute Israel military' via international courts and other international institutions which it will get access to. Extremists in Israel deserve all these problems and consequences of UN action. There is no going around that.

Palestinian People waited for the entire 20th Century for America and West to solve their problems in addition to their own hubris. All they have got in return is misery and they have been deprived of their birth right to have 'self governing nation state'. It is true that Palestine and PLO at times went on misguided path of violence and terrorism. What is of consequence is whether Palestine at present has abandoned the path of violence or not. They have and UN vote will open new avenues to pursue legal and effective solutions for their grievances.

If anyone needed a proof of inability of America to solve Israel-Palestine issue, one should look at what happened in NY-9 House Election. The way American Politics works, it is inordinately influenced by Jewish Vote. So long as it is a rational influence, one can understand it, one can accept it. But what NY-9 shows is substantial Jewish Vote is motivated by absolutely wrong notions what any American Administration should do with regards to Israel. Despite the fact that Obama Administration went out of it's way to help Israel Jewish voters still have a grudge against Obama Administration and punished it electorally. No wonder Palestine would conclude that there is no point to depend in anyways on American Political System to deliver them what belongs to them rightfully. If 2012 election brings GOP President, things are going to go even more downhill and why wait then? World has experience of America driven by maniac Neo-Conservative Presidency like Bush-Cheney and so the world knows how to deal with it. The recession of 2008-2010 and resultant fallout have weakened American and Western Economies and have moved the center of gravity in a sense away from West. So next time any Neo-Conservative Presidency comes along, the world would be in even better position to ignore it, even though how much nuisance it will be.

It is true that Palestinian pursuit of UN legitimacy would further isolate and weaken Obama Administration - the very force in American Politics which is attempting to go away from Neo-Conservatism. Well, assessment of any independent observer would be - Obama Administration is so weak politically that it would not have any capability to help Palestinian cause in near term even if it wanted.

Does that mean then that Obama Administration should not veto Palestinian resolution in UNSC? That will be political 'immolation' in American Context. So it cannot do that. What it needs to do is keep putting forward a reasonable and sensible proposal so as any Palestinian rejection of the same would give it the necessary cover for veto in UNSC and then America's opposing vote in General Assembly would not have much of an impact. That way Palestine still gets Vatican like status and doors get opened to pursue legalities against Israel irrespective of Westeen Powers and which in turn can be a lid on Hamas. More Palestinian People realize that they can get longer term benefits - not immediate - through these UN and International Court means, more effective will be restrain on Hamas style violent means. As for Israel - they all deserve horrible options which will start unfolding in front of them unless Israeli Politics mends its ways and goes away from Avigdor Lieberman type politicians (which does not seem likely).

Make no mistake - in immediate term Israel will make lives of Palestinians horrendously difficult by way of chocking their financial pulse and many other stymieing ways. But one way or the other Palestine People have to go through this pain to realize their dreams. There may be even some early victories for Israel in this path of confrontation, but eventually Palestine Nation/State would start rolling. One thing is very clear that - America does not have any ability at present to resolve this issue and hence Palestinian 'call' to go UN is fundamentally right. Self destructing conservatives and extremists forces are firmly in control of Israel and they are on ascend in USA in the form of Jewish vote pandering GOP alongside shortsighted view of many American Jews. Those conservatives and extremists politicians in Israel are soon going to find their GOP friends probably in power in USA; so all of that gang is well set on continuing their destructive policies for years to come. Hence, there is no point in waiting for any change in America.

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