Friday, September 02, 2011


Anything which hampers job growth is on table; jobs of any type. When you are talking once in six decades type of lowly job growth, you cannot fault President Obama to rescind EPA restrictions.

We need to understand at the end of the day USA is the third largest producer of crude oil in the world - after Russian and Saudi Arabia. Texas is practically Saudi Arabai in North America. Part of America's problems in recent years is because it is a union which harbors this same oil rich Texas along with California which rightly believes in risk taking of Solyndra type.

To the extent it is a scientific fact that man-made global warming is real, it is also a fact that we have some time, some room to deal with eventual environmental crisis. At least that is the theory on which Obama Administration is operating.

Really Greens in USA have got it wrong - instead of actively funding Democrats; what do they need to do is fund campaigns which will make life miserable and tough for Tea Party members or for that matter anyone who is protecting traditional Carbon based industry. You have a mix here - naturally Blue California is well disposed to Greens, but even more Blue New York is still ambivalent about 'fracking'. Oil rich states like Alaska and Texas are naturally Red, but things get complicated about West Virginia which is Coal rich Hillary type Democrat. You have a phenomenon of most contentious, partisan members of Congress from opposing political parties agreeing about what Florida should do - oppose any kind of drilling in their backyard. Effectiveness of Green campaign is determined by how do they convince someone who is making living in digging out Carbon which burns and not by who already sees Capital Gains in making a solar chip.

Given all this complexity and mixture, it does not make sense to put your lot with Democrats only. Dems in Congress will very well agree for stronger EPA, provided GOP comes along. Anyways you cut it, brow beating Obama for his decision to restrict EPA does not calculate when he is desperate for any job growth. All said and done, you have time to adjust changing environment on Earth.

What you don't have is time for Unemployed. In a sense, though Obama got it right on the eve of Labor Day; he missed clear leadership in explaining his EPA decisions. Leaders do not duck in explaining their decisions, especially the ones which are really pragmatic. But as usual, Obama failure in Communication is glaring and well known.

Happy Labor Day weekend.

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