Friday, September 23, 2011

Faster than Light

Pretty much that is the only good news coming out of Europe - possible observations of faster than light particles. If these observations are validated in next few years, it will be a total revolution in Science and our overall understanding of the world around us will change. In that sense, this research by European, Russian, Japanese and Korean scientists (no Americans, Chinese, Indian or any other) is far more consequential for humanity than shenanigans by politicians across the board.

Regardless of eventual affirmation (Americans will be trying their hands on these experiments with less precise instruments at Fermi Lab) or rejection of these observations, what it establishes is the core ethos of Science - there is nothing given, everything is always subject to scrutiny on the basis of what we see in reality. European politicians may be running away from reality, but nobody does 'better' Science than these Europeans. Amazing stuff.

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