Sunday, September 11, 2011


"The reawakened Republicans are no longer the loyal opposition. They’re revolutionary Bolsheviks who want to eat Obama alive. 

When the president stays insulated with his little circle that doesn’t know how to push his messages, and he lets the nihilist Republicans go unchallenged in their crazy claims to be saving the country they’re hurting, he sets the stage for Rick Perry. 

It’s still impossible to sum up what Obama’s presidency is about right now, except saving his own job."

That old lady is in the end razor sharp when she says "Does he get it together when the country’s in trouble or when he’s in trouble?

That is the indictment even though it is 'electoral politics working as intended'. May be it was wrong to expect anything 'more inspiring and nobel' from a premature Nobel Laureate.

You cannot run for Presidency unless you have the self-awareness above a cut; in lay person terms 'unless you are a narcissistic bitch of certain degree'. That much is given in case of Obama too. But really it would be disappointing to know - he would only fight real hard when his re-election bid is in danger and not as a response to the country in need, nation in despair. That is hard to swallow, especially on the day of national unity - Tenth Anniversary of 9/11. 

Well, Sleeping Barry, can only absolve himself of this indictment by fighting very hard sustained over a longer period, by not 'folding like a cheap suit' and delivering what this country needs very badly - leadership for economic vitality.

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