Thursday, September 22, 2011

No one grew rich in America in isolation

That is a war cry from Elizabeth Warren, the top class progressive case.

Greg Sargent is right, practically this country does not know how potent a truly 'progressive populist case' can be. Obama far sure has so much to catch up here, having totally beaten up so many times by 'willy and smart Tea Party' on different kind of populism. 

My hunch is many more rank and file Democratic donations will go to Warren than to Obama. Not that Obama will fall short of his Billion  Dollar mark to raise campaign fund as he has Warren Buffett on his side. Just that Warren may turn out to be the 'darling of Left' in 2012 election, the queen bee to be protected and nurtured at any cost.

What she needs now is keep staying one step ahead of Sen. Brown and GOP in generally. GOP would love to politically assassinate this high priest of Progressivism. Bring down Warren and you have got Liberal/Progressive case totally mauled down in this political cycle. That is what she needs to battle for, obviously it is far larger than the Massachusetts Senate seat.

When ideas clash so explicitly in an election, you would probably go in thrall of democracy - the whole reason our founding fathers started this business in the first place. (On GOP side Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the one who I heard with that passion as well as humility. He is a class too.)

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