Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pass Along

When a respected journalist like James Fallows passes it along, you just do it - a case against Obama.

It explains what is there for President Obama to answer. Indeed it is looking like one term Presidency. May be it is not just Sen. DeMint who is tired of Obama Speeches, we all could be tired. Especially when we know it hardly matters.

Neither the guy is ready to 'lead' nor his leadership calls are coming out to be any true as far as domestic economy goes. At the end of the day, in a way America is getting prepared to 'write off' this Presidency and look beyond that. Not only does he have no clue about what is happening to our Economy and he is unable to execute any strategy to rectify our predicament; he simply missed 'the call' with default debate. Americans wonder - if S&P downgrade was so consequential, where was he? Why did he accept the half hearted solution of $1.5Trillion Dollars knowing fully well that Market was expecting $4Trillion Dollar deal? As far as Americans are considered, it is simply abduction of duty. What they are looking for is a chief executive which will get things done from Congress and we all know how much success President Obama is having there.

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