Friday, October 21, 2011

Classic Pol Business

That is what a seasoned politician does - when you are riding high on your triumphs; you declare how you are going to remove your hand under the rock i.e. release the 'tough news'. With his Libya victory lap, President Obama was in a perfect position to clear the stuff for Iraq and that is what he did.

With Hillary rattling cages in Pakistan and daggers coming out for Iran; this Presidency has lot of juice left to accomplish some far reaching consequences in remaining months of this term. On domestic policy front President Obama may look like 'been done' or he may be hostage to vagaries of European Politicians as far as protecting fragile American Economy from Global Shocks goes; but when it comes to National Security, this Presidency already looks stellar and has substantial room to achieve greater heights. I am sure that must be GOP's nightmare for 2012 Election. 

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