Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Herman Cain will Help American Politics

As Herman Cain starts getting  limelight, his 9-9-9 Tax plan is going to invoke more scrutiny. It will be just a matter of time before competing Republican contestants start pointing out the total retrogressive nature of this policy snake oil - favoring rich at the cost of poor. After all majority rich people may be backing GOP, but majority of GOP voters are not rich. It will not be just Eric Cantor, but many more in Republican Party will be forced to talk about poverty and income distribution in this country. That is the whole point Occupy Wall Street Protester would have driven home by then. So stupidity of one Herman Cain is forcing finally GOP to talk about issues it wanted to avoid so long - totally destructive consequences like income inequality of today's global capitalism. Frank-Dodd Law was one way Congress reacted to constrain 'too much destructive creation' of Wall Street and these bright lights of GOP want to repeal this Law instead repairing it any further! All that will start surfacing prominently as Herman Cain exposes himself more and that will be Herman's great contribution to American Politics.

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