Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indian Grand Prix

With the successful completion of the inaugural Indian Grand Prix at Buddha International Circuit, India kind of overcomes blemishes it got when it botched Commonwealth Games. The contrast between  government run affairs and private organization cannot come any starker than this.

The foray of Formula One racing in South Asia will only go on ascend from this seminal point. With solid young population, the racing extravaganza makes commercial sense even though India at large continues to be beset by lack of basic roads, transportation and amenities. It is just the reality of Global Capitalism that while poverty is present in huge pockets of the country; India's privileged class in urban areas will continue its assimilation with global lifestyle. May be Formula One racing and new types of sports are insurances in Indian System so as privileged youth does not get too much agitated with contradictions of Indian Society.

To see Sachin Tendulkar waving a checker flag to signal end of a race without any incident is a relief. Kudos to drivers and private - state partnership to pull off a race where safety measures worked. (Just couple of weeks back there was carnage at a similar event in Las Vegas.) One just wishes India continues on this path of fruitful engagement between state and private sector. 

(I was curious why the name Buddha to the circuit, but once I saw the powerful Indian Politician Mayawati handing over the prize cup to Vettel, it kind of explained....)

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