Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Move On Mr. President

Yes, we know that Mr. President you are not far from truth when you say you are the underdog for 2012 election. That is a rational conclusion from these numbers.

But beyond a point shedding tears on shoulders of Americans for 'how mean GOP has been to you' would neither solve problems of we Americans nor would it give you a second opportunity to solve our problems. The issue is whether you have 'keys' for our quagmire or not. If you don't, then move on Mr. President, let Americans try someone else. That does not necessarily have to be some one from the GOP Parade of Extremism; but who knows it could be very well someone from Occupy Wall Street. Americans have a right to turn down someone who they have tried and who does not have any 'magic keys' left; in the hope of someone else who will part the skies. (As you know we voted you with that, alas, wishful thinking.)

Think hard and tell us what would genuinely solve our issues. Tell us fearlessly where we have messed up and what specific hard work we have to do. Articulate how we can insulate ourselves from impeding European Economic Collapse. Smarting over John Boehner and Paul Ryan, it can only take you so far.

And not that you have not shown such leadership. Nobody told you how to do the OBL raid or how to wage a successful 'drone war'. You did improvisation on your own. We need that leader - the one who 'leads us' in our economic calamity, who is equally calm and non-boasting and at the same time keep executing relentlessly like how you have been working hard to eliminate the rouge gallery of terrorists. 

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