Friday, November 04, 2011

Another Conservative Nonsense

If one believes, as Republicans do and evidence suggests, that Obama’s policies have made a bad situation terrible, then why wouldn’t the GOP try to block him? 

Does she have any proof? But alas, punditry on Right is nothing but making 'false statements' as self-evident. She further adds

Americans are an optimistic, generous lot, confident in their ability to weather difficulties and invent solutions. Ingenuity is in their bones. 

Is she standing for an office or what? Making such platitude, self-congratulatory statements is a great past time for American Politicians. Part of American Exceptionalism on Right is nothing but indulging in 'superiority complex'. And then we Americans miss the opportunity to 'get real' and face our situation squarely.

When is American Elite going to understand that this century is no more fiefdom of American dominance and there are many more societies in this world which are equally capable, competent and from where America needs to learn? Americans simply have to get their house in order, for sure GOP Nihilism does not seem to be the way though for that.

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