Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Blind Opposition on NYT Pages

There is no other word than to say 'crap' about David Brook's latest column talking about Blue Inequality and Red Inequality. It is utter non-sense with no basis to reality.

1. First of all, both of these (Blue Inequality and Red Inequality) are fictitious notions which Brooks toss around with no basis in any professional research or substantive basis.

2. South Korean President Lee recently came out and mentioned that he would actively discourage youth of his country to go for college education and would rather prefer them to opt for vocational training which will enable them to get jobs while industry also getting appropriately skilled employees. Washington Post Editorial went on taking President Obama to task on this basis for his relentless emphasis on college education. Brooks entirely neglect all of those arguments. Besides, Germany is famous for her vocational training based educational system and coupled with industry - state/union societal compact has fared much better than many other advanced economies in weathering out the current recession. Again all these things do not exist in Brooks world.

3. On what basis Brooks assume that Red Inequality and Blue Inequality are not overlapping? Those with College education in rural area too are in the top 1% of rural / Red areas. So where is the beef? Or Brooks just want to take his readers on a ride with no basis?

4. Why only Liberal Art College degree holders complaining in these Urban areas about Blue Inequality? Are Engineers stupid not to see the havoc created by loop sided Financial Types in this country? 

5. Where does Austin, Texas fit in this categorization? Brooks does not see any Blue Inequality in that city? What non-sense does he talk?

6. What has State to do about reducing Red Inequality after Republicans having banned all of social issues from Governmental intervention? These same Republicans want to abolish Education Department at Federal Level, they do not want Federal Government to get involved in student grants. So why Red Inequality is the business of State then? Do your social revolution and solve that.

7. Basically Blue Inequality is nothing but about fair taxation and 'sell out of Congress to Financial Industry'. Let us keep things simple, clean and focused. That is what Occupy Wall Street Protest is about. Talk about that. Tell either it is a rational protest or give your arguments about why it is incorrect;  no point doing an end run around that. That is same as like GOP Presidential Candidates who assume that we Americans do not have any 'gray matter' left and we are just stupid to accept any 'crap' what Brooks would write.

Amazing that NYT Editorial oversight would allow such meaningless and false column. If you want solidly balanced and Conservative columns / opinions - Brooks should read what his collegoue Ross Douthat writes. He has been producing one after the other phenomenally 'cut the chase' kind of breathtakingly honest and insightful columns. Brooks - he is just wasting Web Real Estate for NYT. (Even former NYT Editor Bill Keller is writing so well now that he does not have to carry the burden of being a 'liberal mouth piece'.)

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