Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deaf and Blind GOP

Will Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann spare some 10 minutes to listen to Arun Maira? Well, na; these GOP folks are so ideologically driven that anyone who does not agree with their unproven theory of 'give more tax cuts to rich so jobs will be created' is simply Socialist and Communist!

Listening Arun Maira, the whole demeanor of this person dramatically contrasts with bombastic 'protect rich at any cost' crowd of GOP field. No wonder RNC Chief is getting the message, but until GOP gives up these suicidal policies; there is no well being of America possible in hands of GOP. 

I have not read Maira so I cannot comment on the theoretical foundation of his articulation; but his assertion that humanity needs to think beyond Socialism and Capitalism rings a chord. It is also clear, and I am sure Maira would be aware of this, that Scandinavian model is not applicable to large countries like USA, China and India. He is fully aware of still developing economic structure of India and China compared to USA. In fact, more accommodating and global conscientiousness implicit in his view starkly contrast with overall avaricious attitude of Americans. GOP actively promotes a philosophy where Americans think that they have a birthright to consume this earth as they want, regardless of if there is anything left for others. There is such a strong undercurrent of 'hell with the world, we are Americans, we are superior and hence we will tread this Earth any which ways we want' in the entire GOP philosophy. (Ross Douthat's latest column comes to mind - GOP wants to actively promote a feeling of 'raising to this greater call of duty for humanity' while basics of sharing and caring this only earth are completely ignored.)

The standard answer from Conservatives is Americans earn this right because they protect Liberty and Freedom and have been following 'rule of law' for over two centuries. Moreover, when the world is in trouble, not only Americans work fearlessly to 'bring that wall down Mr. Gorbachev'  but ready to shed blood to bring Freedom in places far away (Iraq)  and ready to take Trillions of Dollar debt in this fight (even if it means we do not leave any money for our own well being and education back home). Well China, India, Brazil and many other economies of this world do not own any 'blood' to USA. Having been Sheriff of the World for few decades, neither America has capability to carry out those self-imposed duties nor rest of the world would tolerate those any further. So Conservatives better keep their 'arrogance' of American Sacrifices with themselves and mind their own business.

That is the exact thinking - mind your own business and be a good citizen of the global system - that is  the approach a healthy political system needs to have today. This means you do not insist upon American style Capitalism for rest of the world. Finance dominated Capitalism as followed in this country is not even good for Americans themselves. Not for nothing practically two third of Americans think that the 'game is rigged for haves' in this country and hence majority thinks that children are likely to have less prosperous life than its own generation. Answer to this predicament is not a feral Libertarian Cry (that counter intuitively Cultural Conservatism will come back in times of increased inequality); but to eliminate ideological blindness. Deeply sought 'personal responsibility' by Conservatives neither  comes by protecting rich nor sacrificing societal investments like Infrastructure, Education, Science & Technology for tax cuts which do not work. Looking at GOP presidential debates and GOP's Congressional actions, it is clear that GOP is deaf and blind to what is happening in  world at large when it comes to policies to address our entrenched problems. (Anyways it is the season of Thanksgiving, so no wonder Boehner is discovering virtues of taking care of 'have nots'.)

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