Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hollywood in love with Hollywood

My Week With Marilyn


Hollywood turns to its own stars to produce new character movies as movie business is going away so dramatically from real life characters. Invasion of computer gimmicks on movie business is so complete by now. In that sense, this movie is refreshing and nice. It is neither attempting to state any larger, polemical points nor at the same time is not a wash like 'Black Swan' which was yet another movie about the entertainment business. If at all, the movie misses an opportunity to indict Hollywood culture of 'show business and culture of flesh'.  It does not tell effectively how hard it has been for Hollywood to give up the male chauvinism and the road traveled since then has carcasses of lives of many talented individuals; Ms. Monroe being the prominent one. 

Life of Ms. Monroe had been a complex concoction of inferiority complex, horribly troubled childhood, enormous talent surging to achieve greater artistic achievements on a newly maturing medium, un-channeled rebellion against the darker ways of Hollywood - actresses as a sex symbol only & hegemony of studio production houses; and never ending quest of finding so called 'true love'. Neither mundane compromises needed to sustain any relationship were there in books of Ms. Monroe, nor she ever wanted to make the personal call to quit Hollywood glamour entirely (she did quit Hollywood at times) having developed the taste of using her hyper sexuality for her own purposes regardless of how un-balanced emotional demands were drawn on others. In a sense that life was nothing but narcissism and unwillingness to stop exploiting emotional gratifications made possible by blurring life 'off the screen with life on the screen'. 

May be I am getting too much swayed by the story of protagonist Collin Clark having seen how 'like a violin Ms. Monroe plays' a young life of 21 years youth. May be that is the success of this movie. But bringing audience this far but not crossing the line in explaining how exactly this business of 'exploiting tragedies of one talented individual' for the purposes of titillating millions while filling coffers of Movie Financiers; that is a disappointment of this otherwise well crafted movie. The movie is clean, plain and a simple story with limited span rendered in beautiful images and capable performances by most of the crew. Watching all that is joy and worth your time.

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