Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Policy over Politics

Diagnose is right - Obama choose 'changing policy over changing politics'. But Ezra ignores the reality that possibly very few of these 'policy changes' will in the end start making 'real change / difference' in lives of people. At that point the call of 'going for policy over politics' hardly matters because even if it was true, the policy did not hold up. Just imagine Supreme Court turning down ObamaCare or monthly reminder of over 9% unemployment rate.

The other question Ezra ignores is that given this predicament of 'choosing policy over changing politics' what can Obama offer for 2012 election? What offering from Obama at that point can convince Americans to vote Obama second time rather than going for trying another guy? The only way he can do it is by:
- completely removing 'Nebraska Cornhusker' possibilities by way of coming clean about exactly what policies he would enact in 'full transparency' if elected and
- to ask Americans a mandate with usable Congressional majorities to execute and deliver the policy charter.

 In other words - to run as a parliamentary leader campaigning with a detailed party election manifesto (with all gory policy details) and to fight for election of each foot soldier - member of Congress - in the process.

Otherwise what other Democrats are saying will turn out to be true.

Update - Looks like I am wrong with this month's unemployment rate, which is below 9%. But neither Obama Administration pats itself nor anyone serious can ignore the long path America has to go before most Americans wanting to work are gainfully employed.

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