Sunday, November 06, 2011

USA and Oil

Times of India contributor SA Aiyar has got it right, USA is about to become nearly self reliant for the consumption of carbon based energy sources. Question is whether Democrats and Obama are ready to articulate this possibility in the context of national interests. Yes, it is contrary to what Science is saying that carbon based energy sources for sure contribute to global warming. But the issue is 'national interest' which need not be aligned to 'global interest' for a while. Eventually all of Humanity needs to worry about Global Warming. But until you have global consensus about this issue, national interests trump other considerations.

In other words, the choice in case of 'Keystone Pipeline' is clear - USA to accept the Canadian proposal and approve the pipeline. I guess Obama White House is simply waiting for Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas Weekend to declare the pipeline approval - dog days when Media attention is minimal. Unfortunately that is how Politics work whether you like it or not.

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