Monday, November 21, 2011

Waiting for Elections

That is the real message of the failed super committee. Too bad that like Spaniards, we cannot have timely elections and give a clear verdict to overcome this impasse. That is the problem with American System, on the background of stark events, citizenry does not get a quick opportunity to react. All of these shenanigans of our politicians, voters have to remember; accumulate all this happening (for example Supreme Court judgement about ObamaCare sometime in 2012); and then vote. And when we vote, we do not give  a clear mandate. In a sense, failure of super committee is failure of Americans to give clear verdict in elections.

Some would argue that Americans did give 2010 mandate to Tea Party and Tea Party is doing its job of insisting on cuts rather than any tax increase. The challenge for Democrats is to demonstrate how this urge to resist tax increases at any cost is fundamentally giving a short shrift to core 'economic justice and fairness' we expect or we want in our politics. We all want everybody to pay the fair share as well as take their own responsibility. 

May be 'rich' and GOP are opposing tax increase because their present contributions are overwhelmingly getting transferred to 'have not'. The need may be for Democrats to articulate their plans about how they would rationalize this 'wealth transfer' once the inherently 'rigged system for rich' is corrected. That is the challenge for Obama and Democrats and they are late to this game. 

What about GOP Leadership? Americans may feel like giving a chance to a new Republican guy in the White House. But all of the GOP candidates carry 'so much baggage' and are so blind because of ideology that none of them see the core reason of a political power - to be an instrument in bringing social and economic justice. For all these Republicans, it hardly registers that 'rich' have been getting far better share in this country and GOP essentially has been protecting rich really well at the cost of everyone else. In any case, fighting for social or economic justice has never been the forte of Republicans, we all know their history.

So this is where we are - Americans do not have any capacity to turn on heat on their recalcitrant politicians and then these politicians get away; we all are waiting for that election in November 2012. During the year, the same issues, same trench ware-fare and same gridlock will continue. Everybody will fight for  only a marginal advantage and in the end this marginal advantage would be treated as a mandate by one party to foist a dramatic change on the other party. Then the vicious cycle would repeat. 

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