Friday, December 02, 2011


Reading George Will warning for any coronation in GOP nomination race, 'desperation' is the word which comes to the mind. He knows frailties of both candidates - flip-flops in case of Romney and past baggage in case of Gingrich. Relatively it is much more easy for Obama to defeat any of these two candidates and Will knows that. I say desperation because on this background to hold any hope for Rick Perry, whose candidacy has failed to arouse Americans in any ways, is non-sense and that is where Will is going because of his blindness to see obvious faults of Perry and rest of the candidates.

If it were for Mitch Daniels that Will was rooting, then things would have been different. Even Chris Chistie one can understand if one ignores his baseless bombast like this. But reality is, the current GOP field is hopeless and none of the nominees have any coherent thinking to take America forward. At least it does not appear sitting here in December 2011. So to argue 'hold on for Romney or Gingrich' but not to have any consequential candidate in the wing is nothing short of desperation.

Well, with Will's idealogical blindness; I am happy to see him in this state. Granted I risk possibly Will having the 'last laugh' on the night of November 6, 2012. But we will see how things develop, today at least Will seems more in a hole. 

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