Wednesday, December 21, 2011


As I am dumb down with senseless things going on in the world and cannot make much sense of what is happening, here is one thing I found very interesting - a Japanese magician invited for Kim's funeral! Very funny.

I do not read much into this news since there is indeed nothing much to read. Eventually what all it implies is that the new young ruler will continue father's policies for a while, he may attempt to be more strident from time to time to silence his military as he is inherently likely to be disposed towards Liberalization; just because of his age.

West should basically 'pamper' him and should not punish his regime for the decisions he would have inherited. On the other hand if every decision of his which loosens his father's grip is awarded lavishly; a strong constituency for the change will be created in North Korea.

My bets - West (USA, S. Korea, Japan and their aligned powers like Australia, Europe, etc.) would take this bet and as it starts succeeding, China may throw a wrench just to keep the status-qua. But, we will see; things are still in infancy.

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