Thursday, December 15, 2011

Great Warrior Finally Puts Down the Sword

I am not aware of any great and very public atheist than Christopher Hitchens. The guy used to go where very few mortals / thinkers would dare to go. What a great life!

Rest in peace Christopher Hitchens.

Update - Of reactions and obituaries I am going through, I found Joe Klein's reaction most apt:

" but more, I worry that Hitch is taking with him a world, a world of contemplative reading and writing - the very opposite of what I am doing right now, posting an immediate reaction to his death on this blog....We need more such, and left with less."

But may be Joe need not worry so much. This very blogging, tweeting, Facebooking have come off age - we just have to see what revolutionary changes all these have done in Arab world and at times helped even a vast country like Russia to coalesce together to attack what ails in that society. Changing - for sure we are; but equally potent opportunities are present for Thinking & Thoughts to make our life better. We just have to be as courageous and honest as like Hitch. 

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