Sunday, January 01, 2012

Balmy Winter?

I agree that it is never prudent and politically correct for a Californian to boast about a great weather, but this New Year's Day has been unbelievably great here in Bay Area. Here are few local images:

Bright sunlight in clear sky, at 2.30 PM, Cupertino.

My son enjoying a bike ride on the hanging pedestrian bridge on I280 at the end of Mary Avenue in Cupertino at 2.30 PM.

Same bridge at 2.30 PM, riders enjoying blue sky and 67 Fahrenheit degree (around 19 degree Celsius) outdoor temperature.

Farmer's Almanac predicts that large part of California will have below normal rains this year. That has been the case so far, none to negligible rains. Last few years my observation has been that Winter and Rains get pushed out, so even this year too Rains may catch up in Spring or so. Winter 2011 was great, in keeping with good precipitation winters of last few years. But things look different this year so far. Drought for Bay Area is primarily dictated by snow pack on Sierra. So even if Bay Area receives low rains, it results in weaker replenishing of local water table but not necessarily water shortage. 

Anyways, you enjoy fantastic weather while it lasts. Indeed a great way to start a new year.

Happy New Year!

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