Saturday, January 21, 2012

Broken Party

It is hard to write anything good about Newt Gingrich win in South Carolina today. Generally SC brings worst of GOP and today was no exception in electing a 'garbage can' in the nomination race for the sheer 'hate' of non-Christian Romney. Of course, Romney's own dilly-dallying about taxes and lackluster performance in debates did not help him. But fact of the matter is Romney has engaged in much less kind of Washington Politics Gingrich practices - pure lust of political power, selling that craving for power to misguided Americans as principled following of an ideology and in the process basically giving 'shaft' to real needs of real Americans. This is how Gingrich has been all along in his career, except  last few years interrupted by shamelessly working as lobbyist. The guy does not have any shame in personal life nor in public life. All his intelligence goes in dazzling public so that all his true weaknesses are hidden. Nothing good is likely to come out by his candidacy. He is the evil spirit - he will bring worst in himself and will do same for others. 

Ok Umesh, we got it. But tell us, how will he be in White House? May be actually not that bad. That is basically because Newt can be 'bribed' and Democrats in Congress will bribe him. If and when he gets elected, he will have so many enemies in GOP that there will be many 'one night stands' with Democrats. Exhibit A - love couch photo with Nancy Pelosi. And that is why it is perplexing that GOP is backing this rotten to the core horse.

Florida will be tough now. The state GOP is getting its wish of playing a 'king maker'. Jeb Bush is likely to endorse Romney at some point and then it will be interesting to see what filth the 'gutter named Newt' brings. All that means, GOP's nightmare continues at least for few more weeks.

Basically, GOP started with a weak slate in the first place. Romney had always been only B+ candidate. All of their A candidates like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels or New Jersey Governor Christie or even Rep. Paul Ryan; they all stayed out. Add to this weak field, the whole farce of Newt Gingrich. This cannot be any good news for GOP and consequently for America. Thank God tomorrow is league championship of NFL so that it will help little bit to forget all this sorry affair.

Update - Jeb Bush says he will not endorse Romney yet. But don't worry, Newt nevertheless will continue his ultra negative campaign. That is because he does not have anything positive. 

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