Saturday, January 28, 2012

Indian Cricketers don't want Accountability

There is no other interpretation than this when one reads Sehwag saying 'there is no need for anyone to retire'. Look at their numbers:

Innings 50s 100s Total Average
Sehwag 8 2 0 198 24.75
Gambhir 8 1 0 181 22.62
Dravid 8 1 0 194 24.25
Tendulkar 8 2 0 287 35.87
Laxman 8 1 0 155 19.37
Kohli 8 1 1 300 37.50
Dhoni 6 1 0 102 17.00
Ashwin 6 1 0 163 27.17

And here is one dire assessment

India's greatest bowling squad - Bedi-Chandra-Prasanna all got creamed in the 1978 Pakistan Tour when Javed Miadad and Zaheer Abbas tore them to pieces and made that bowling squad to rest in peace permanently. That is the same job done by this Australian Team to India's greatest batting squad of Sachin-Sehwag-Dravid-Laxman.

Still these multi-millionaire players don't want any accountability. Ian Chappell may like to put a finger on what is wrong with Indian Cricket - the 'star culture'. But I doubt BCCI and Indian Players are in any mood to listen to anything. The only language Indian Players and BCCI understand is 'ringing the cash  register'. When these collapsing TV advertisement rates for Cricket start to pinch, these inflated egos and 'free rider mentality' will have a chance to go away. Till then shenanigans of Indian Cricket Players will continue. 

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