Monday, January 30, 2012

Tax Cutters Gone Wild

It is all right for past Senator Simpson of Simpson-Bowles fame to blame Obama saying he got terrified and hence dragged his feet in proposing deficit reduction; but not all right to point out what is obvious - how GOP candidates are out to 'sell this country totally and make it bankrupt'. Apparently, the bright bulbs at Washington Post have finally woken up and now pointing out what is so obivious - how these GOPers are placing their faith on totally discreted economic policy that tax cuts to rich generate jobs and under the influence of the 'this drug' are proposing more tax cuts to bury America once and for all. 

This is one example of how Tea Party Supporters and Members defy simple logic when they ignore how proposals of their candidates would ruin this country further. Hopefully more in Media start voicing this non-sense without which Americans will not have any clue what damage GOP is all set to do - more tax cuts to rich in the name of balancing deficit and in the process to dig deeper a hole to all Americans (because no GOP candidate in Florida dare to talk about how Medicare cost will be adjusted).

"But if the candidates can’t level with us now, they’ll have no mandate then. "

That is right, Barack Obama and eventual GOP nominee; all are their to 'deceive Americans' and then enact some non-sensical policies after November election which may or may not have anything to do with our deficit crisis. That is a perversion of Democracy and Barack Obama is equally party to that as like GOP. Obama can point out that he proposed his plan when he accepted $4Trillion deficit reduction plan during the debt limit increase debt of Summer of 2011. He needs to keep that offer open on the 'table' and then keep on hammering GOP to come forward to accept that or face the election of 2012. That honesty for sure is missing from the President. One never had any expectations of such honesty from GOP jockers. But Barack was supposed to stop joining the rank 'sell out' of America which GOP candidates are undertaking and he has failed in that. 

As of today, there is nothing apart from 'crushing of America' under the ever escalating debt. We as a nation are destined to follow a path traveled by Japan and Europe unless some kind of political revolution occurs here.

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