Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark Energy Survey

"...the most ambitious attempt yet to understand a mystery as perplexing as any that faces physics: what is driving the universe to expand at an ever greater rate.
It could be a 22nd-century problem we stumbled upon in the 20th century
Some researchers may begin to feel time would be better spent on other scientific pursuits.
Whether they do or not, though, dark energy—or whatever else is causing the universe to speed up—is probably too big a conundrum for one generation to crack. It will cause boffins to rack their brains for years to come."

Really great article about Dark Energy and some of the most critical problems in contemporary Cosmology. Writer(s) of this Economist article indeed have done a great job in explaining these complex details for a lay person.

In the end, what struck me is how even Science is approached in 'spiral manner' the way software is developed in recent days.

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