Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Days are Over for Obama

That is what my reading of these solid Romney victories is (in addition to potential headwinds like sustained higher oil prices, possible interruption in recovery and continued difficulties in Europe). Let us face it, Santorum victory in Michigan would have shown Republicans having absolutely no ability to distinguish between what is worse and what may be bad. Of course, it would have been way too easy for Obama if Santorum had won any of these contexts; but that would have been really bad for America. What these Romney victories show is American voters, even GOP voters, would be finally drawing a line somewhere - Michigan is not South Carolina. It is not necessary that all Americans States are like Michigan when it comes to a political choice. What is necessary is that not all states are like South Carolina. At least few of these states are ready to see through the toxic mixture of Religion & Politics Santorum is trying to bring. For someone who has been brought up in times of Babri Masjid and Rath Yatra, havoc brought in by mixing Religion with Politics is all too vivid. No civil society wants to go there and somehow Michigan managed to throw a monkey wrench in the Santorum game plan. The guy simply lost the plot despite having an  authentic story line for blue color workers - before he uttered the non-sense of 'college education being snobbery and colleges are liberalism factory'. That is willing irresponsibility to undermine our own kids in tomorrow's competitive world where a father or a mother in India is starving oneself just so as to push forward children in the education ladder. What a 'stone age' message that was from Rick Santorum! On top of it when you do the blasphemy of asking your political opponents to help you make your political case; you simply don't deserve to be in the politics.

Agreed, there is Georgia ready to elect the homegrown carcass called Newt Gingrich. Very well, this Republican Primary may stretch for a while. But there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and finally all the low hanging fruits are gone for Obama Campaign. But that is a good development for America. Presidential election where Obama faces Romney than Santorum is bound to be at least little bit more relevant. It is better to have a political squabble about RomneyCare versus ObamaCare than discussion about merits of 'pills between legs' and college education as snobbery.

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