Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama - Still Stumbling

I do not see any smarter game plan in Obama course correction about the contraception ruling unlike how Andrew Sullivan sees. Americans must be wondering, why is this President creating these avoidable controversies instead of keeping his politics clear? Need of the hour is to steer clear of these cultural wars and continue focus on job creation and Economy. Granted, this is an election year and people know that it is quite possible that nothing much can be attained by a divided government. But that does not mean  head of the state gets luxury in not keeping his policy proposals ready and on table for his opposition to respond. Even if elections are about these important policy decisions - growing economy amid globalization and deficit control in medium to long term - unless the president vigorously engages about these issues on stump how are we going to face these issues? It is about setting the tone and Obama critics are right in saying that practically he is running away from the governance.

We all know it is the GOP who rejected his reasonable offer in addressing the deficit last year during the debt ceiling debate. We also know practically GOP might be gunning for down drafting our economy in order to blame it on Obama and defeat him in 2012. But still all that does not preclude Obama in keeping a genuine offer on the table about how to grow American Economy in the short term while managing debt in medium to longer term. And if indeed he has any such plans, he is being way too coy in articulating these proposal emphatically. Until then, for lot of Americans Obama politics will be an exercise in awakening Left voter base only. It is possible that coming budget presentation by Obama might fulfill some of these expectations.

Fortunately Economy is on mend. Given that it is understandable that Obama's opposition would like to pivot from 'economy management' (Romney's strong suite) to cultural wars (ascend of Rick Santorum). But in spite of all that, progress in Economy is a classic story for Obama to focus on and keep it in the news. What is the need of creating ruckus about a wedge issue? Why at this time? Is he listening too much to unaccountable advisers like Valarie Jarrett in wowing votes of independent women; a critical voters class for eventual electoral victory? Seems like Obama way of let a crisis to fester so as he can claim the mantle of Superman, might be in play. If that is the case, then Obama is still stumbling and is hardly of use to Americans in addressing their longer term problems.

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