Saturday, February 11, 2012

Queen Adele

Based on these reports, tomorrow is the coronation night for the British Singer Adele. (Sorry Romony, you still have work to do for you coronation). This is a perfect build up.

Even without Adele, British Music Scene has been super rich, extraordinarily endowed already with bands like Coldplay, Mumford & Sons and many more. Adele just puts a cherry on the top, with the deserved praise and hype. With just piano, her voice and mastery of singing; she brings tears. And of course there are those words. It is so great to see that Adele and these contemporary English Musicians are wanting to bring back the soul of popular singing - great poems at the heart.

Now it is a different matter that as concept of paid records and albums going to history books, how the music industry is going to make money and how relevant are Grammys. Right business models in the era of 'iTunes and going viral on Internet' are still evolving. I suppose it will be an era of artists reaching directly to their audiences with whole layers of middlemen going out of the business. There is Apple ready to slice up it's cut of that pie and I suppose possibly Facebook and Google and those other Internet giants may carve out their shares in manners which we may not be able to envisage today. While all this is happening as if to confirm the 'great music status of her songs' Queen Adele reigns on the global English speaking mind-share.

Update - So much for the coronation and a blogger's tendency to race ahead a reality - reality where we confront a death of another talented artist.  Oh ya, the way America works (and that is perfectly human) tomorrow's Grammy ceremony will be all dedicated to Whitney. RIP Whitney Houston.

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