Friday, February 03, 2012

Take me to your leader

At times, week-end starts early at my household, Thursday night. And this is how I catch up with in this Super Ball Weekend - who should talk next once we have the contact with Aliens?

- Is it the guy who has fingers on buttons with maximum destructive means to obliterate Humanity? (Vladimir Putin)
- Or the guy who's press bestows him with the title 'leader of the free world'? (President of USA)
- Or the guy who runs the political show in some ram-shackling fashion over the maximum number of folks under a single flag? (Chinese President)
- Or the guy who lords over $75 to $100 Billion valuation company with 800 million users of his Website? (Mark Zuckerberg)
- Or the folks who entertain this inherently sorrow world by their gamesmanship and artistry? 

Who are the leaders we really want us to represent?

We may not know the answer with confidence. But what we know for sure is with every passing day, our so called 'national leaders' are less and less in the picture. To play further on  fears of Right-wing - 'World Government' is coming!

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