Thursday, March 15, 2012

Future of UK

While UK PM is enjoying his Washington DC and USA visit, one question which keeps coming to my mind is what possibility is there that UK remains a united nation of Wales, England, Scotland and part of Ireland? What is fashionable is to 'gloss over' the challenge posed by Leftist Scottish National Party (SNP) which is rooting for a separate nation from UK. SNP challenge is precisely dangerous because as far as whatever limited governance allowed to Scottish Parliament and Government, SNP has delivered on that. It is one of the rare political organizations which delivers when in power. That can be dangerous  to London if UK Government expects to retain the control with old style machinations.

I for one thing think that UK in it's current format is past it's life and contradictions in political structure as set in past are catching up and setting up itself for a dim a future. Regardless of uplifting visiting to Washington DC by UK PM, or yet again renaissance of British Music (as aptly celebrated by Mumford and Sons at White House)  or the coming extravaganza of Olympics in Summer 2012; none of that mask various longer term challenges faced by this country. To start with you have economic difficulties, compounded by austerity zeal of a conservative government. Then the same conservative government has essentially cut all ropes with EU (not that EU in itself is exemplifying). On top of that then this Scottish challenge. If SNP successfully breaks out Scotland from UK, starting with how can UK retain its UNSC seat to what meaningful Economic weight it can carry on the global state; all those issues crop up.

David Cameron is not Thatcher (who of course in a way sowed the contemporary seeds of Scottish Nationalism by rubbing Scott dominated Labor unions in wrong ways during her reign); but he or any other UK Politician to be a visionary; he or she would need to take advantage of the Scottish challenge and would need to bring 'whole sale' changes in UK Political apparatus. For starter, get rid of Queen as the head of state (let the House of Windsor be Chief in Tourism of UK), abolish nonsensical House of Lords and reduce the number of seats of House of Commons. Bring Federalism with a compact council to replace House of Lords along lines of American Senate; say 2 or 4 members from each of these 4 constituting countries with additional representation for overseas establishments. While you are there, why not go for a formal written Constitution? The idea is transform UK into a fully newly minted country where nationalism of Scott or Welsh find an exciting home with no need for any divisive sentiments. Let UK be that enthralling and visionary experiment in Federalism of 21st Century with equal sustenance of what is good in it's past. If these things are not going come, there will not be only books published who mourn death of UK; but that will be the reality then. 

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