Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Goldberg Bolts

"...No amount of missiles falling on Tel Aviv, rising oil prices and economic crises matter when compared to genocide.

There are only two possible interpretations of Netanyahu’s words and deeds: Either he is the world’s greatest bluffer, or he has set himself on a course to prevent a second Holocaust. Obama has marshaled some very strong arguments against precipitous action against Iran. But I hope he understands that, with Netanyahu, the Megillah was the message."

I do not buy a possibility of PM Netanyahu being a bluffer. World has not descended to such an amoral level where we have to contemplate an elected Prime Minister of Israel bluffing rest of the world, including America.

All this means that the likelihood of President Obama having a failure on cards in restraining Israel from attacking Iran is not a distinct possibility. If Mr. Goldberg is right and America fails in restraining Israel from her 'go alone' attack on Iran, this blogger fails to see how Mr. Obama will be elected for the second term. 

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