Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Islamic veil

"Mr. Merah reportedly told the police besieging him that his killings were meant as revenge for the ban on the public use of the Islamic veil, which was supported by Mr. Sarkozy."

If this has any truth, Mr. Sarkozy should bet all of his re-election on doubling down this ban on Islamic veil in public spaces. France is one of the rarest countries which has dared to take on fanatic Islamist to preserve the shred of secularism in the age of 'misguided political correctness'. After all, France can claim the bragging rights for Secularism in Politics with all its turbulent and revolutionary past. Just look at the neighbor UK and many other countries in Europe (and of course India); which simply cannot bring the strength to take on religious extremists. With Santorum in GOP Primary, USA does not distinguish itself as well when it comes to secular polity. Given this global contest, France will do well to get tough on any type of Islamic extremism and non-sense their off. Here is an opportunity for Mr. Sarkozy to cover himself over the 'inane Hollande'. France can perfectly deal with religious extremism while still being a reasonable place for immigrants of all religion

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