Monday, April 09, 2012


David Brooks did a reasonable job in describing Economy I and II. But when he started to draw political constituencies based on that he forgot a simple fact that the most important part of Economy I (export oriented American Industry) is High Tech Industry and all that is deep blue. Silicon Valley is predominantly Democratic, same so with Austin in Texas or Raleigh in North Carolina. That is the peril of 'being a cheap ideologue' trying to twist facts to prove some nonsensical political theorem. So grossly wrong.

Truth is political leanings are mixed over both Economy I and II. Raw Politics, lust of power for the sake of power, trumps lot of time underlying economic realities. With heightened polity like America where elections are like clockwork, deep rooted political division almost seems inevitable. Leadership in this era is:
- not to allow this divisiveness go beyond a limit and
- from time to time achieve agreement over a specific topic to make some critical advances in lives of Americans.

Obama may be bit ok on the first part, but still drawing blank on the second whereas Romney and GOP are nowhere near on both accounts. They are still stuck on 'trash'.

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