Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mourning Pakistan

"Pakistan is losing the best chance in its history to gain political control over all of its territory — including the warlike tribal areas along the frontier."

David is too much of a good man to see the 'possibility of good' in the first place in the middle of this 'condemned to hell' situation of South Asia. Coming from South Asia (India), I never expected Pakistani rulers to be so enlightened in the first place. Well, it is not just Pakistan; India is no different - all our leaders are essentially there to 'sale our nations'.

I guess General Kayani must be thinking that - yes Tribal warriors are snakes which he is freeing them right now; but in the end he will be able to 'kill these snakes'. That is the confidence these leaders from South Asia have.

But then being 'over confident' and trying to hide all sorts of misdeeds - that is nothing new to South Asian Politicians. Just look at Imran Khan - Pakistan's next Prime Minister who effected death of innocent Pakistanis just because some American soldier flushed Koran in an Afghan toilet. Narendra Modi in Gujarath can probably serve the role model for Imran.

Some things just don't change, especially in South Asia.

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