Sunday, June 10, 2012

Can Obama do that?

"In other words, he must put front and center his view of debt reduction: entitlement cuts, defense cuts and revenue increases via tax reform. Essentially a more Democratic version of Bowles-Simpson. Then he has to just call Romney out on refusing to raise any taxes on the very wealthy. If it's framed this way, Obama wins.

Obama should run rather on the most equitable way to cut the long term debt, and then insist on some short-term easing on the imminent austerity. And he has to combine this with one signature and clear second term commitment.
So far, the Obama campaign has seemed to me overly negative and tactical, as opposed to positive and strategic. I'm not saying the Bain ads should be pulled; they're legit and they appear to be working. I'm not saying that Romney's extreme wealth and privilege should not be highlighted. But I am saying that Obama's core strength must stay what it was last time: sane, centrist, profound reform.

You need Andrew's moral strength and eloquence to frame what Barack Obama needs to do in next few months what he started and so many Americans picked in 2008 - a moral way to change us. 

Question is, will Barack Obama listen? So far all those signs are negative and we do not see any light here.

Come Jan 20, 2013 and chances of inaugurating American Republic with Mitt Romney as 45th President seem bright with every passing day. Along with Paul Ryan, we will have a revolution in this country; only chances are that it will be a long and costly detour for America before she wakes up. 

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